DAY OF WRATH by William R. Forstchen

ISIS and Ebola: A Scenario of Attack

Since the publication of Day of Wrath on August 17, 2014, a new scenario of attack by ISIS against the United States has emerged, one perhaps even more frightening that the one I began writing back in June.

As discussed on this website and in my book, it is clear that ISIS intends to bring its brand of terrorism to the continental United States.  At the time I was writing Day of Wrath, I believed that the obvious method of attack would be to strike “soft targets” (not well defended) such as elementary and middle schools, churches and synagogues, and interstates.

Events of the last few weeks have added a new and potentially even more frightening scenario: ISIS may use Ebola to spread death and panic.

This scenario is not something I’ve just thought up, I have seen several other commentators write of it already and it alarms me as frighteningly realistic.  If an author/historian such as I can think of this plan, surely it is already a concept being discussed within the planning circles of the murderous thugs of ISIS.

The plan would be to deliberately infect several suicide jihadists with Ebola, then smuggle them into the United States.  Given our government’s refusal to shut down incoming air traffic from Ebola-stricken regions, the ability to transfer infected murderers to our country would disturbingly easy.

Consider the following scenario: Three jihadists are injected with blood drawn from someone infected with the Ebola virus. (A sample would most certainly be easy for such an organization to obtain.)  Given an incubation period of up to 21 days, there would be more than sufficient time to infiltrate the plague carriers into America with the following orders:

As symptoms begin to appear, make close contact with as many people as possible. Keep at it until the point of collapse.  Use social media throughout the attack to post videos of the contacts being made. These videos will be released once the plot is finally revealed. 

As a final act (that will draw instant media attention around the world), call upon Allah and proclaim the fact that you are an active Ebola carrier. Then challenge police to arrest you and take you away as you collapse in the main concourse of Grand Central Station in a welter of blood, vomit and waste.

Take a moment to consider the results of such actions.

Take a moment to consider why we should be demanding of our government - today - the shutting down of all passenger traffic from regions where Ebola is spreading. And why we should be demanding an even more heightened alert on those traveling from regions where ISIS is spreading their jihad.

This potential scenario is even more frightening to me than the one I presented in Day of Wrath. It is a scenario of germ warfare, a method of attack that dates back to Biblical history, which I had not considered just two months ago. I fear it is now about to be unleashed.

William R. Forstchen
October 14, 2014